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Find out how GrowthFunders can help you to raise seed funding

What’s it all about?

As the title suggests, seed funding, also known as seed money, is usually required in the very early (or seeding) stages of a business. The investment is generally needed to support initial research and development, as well as enabling the entrepreneur to demonstrate the feasibility of their product or service. This is usually done through a prototype or market research and is referred to as Proof of Concept (POC).

Who we work with

We help ambitious start-up businesses raise seed funding online from a range of investors including:

  • The crowd
  • Experienced angel investors
  • Angel networks
  • Early stage VCs

Equity crowdfunding and co-investment is the smart way to access seed funding to take your business to the next level.

Why GrowthFunders?

Our end-to-end solution provides you with the best chance of raising business start up funding quickly and seamlessly.

Simple. Streamlined. Cost effective.

We support your start up across three key stages: