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About Hive.HR Ltd

Workforce disengagement is a huge problem for organisations around the world. In Britain, it’s a crisis that is seriously harming productivity.

"A 45% increase in employee productivity could be worth up to £340 billion in added output per year to the UK service sector alone, with a 28% increase worth some £212 billion."
Hay Group’s ‘What’s My Motivation?’

Hive provides organisations with tools, support and expertise; enabling them to measure, understand and improve engagement levels in their workforce on a continuous basis.
The main benefits of Hive for organisations include;
• Flexibility & tailor-made approach to the needs and organisational appetite
• Accessibility of surveys for all parties
• Real-time data through an easy to use dashboard
• Coaching & training for the organisation to build understanding, capacity and self sustainability

"The days of the annual survey are coming to an end to be replaced by a much more holistic, integrated and real time approach to measuring and driving high levels of employee commitment and passion."
Josh Bersin (of Bersin by Deloitte), employee engagement thought leader

Hive aims to grow to a leading employee engagement platform in the UK and US within a 5 year timeframe. The expectation is that this growth will fuel revenue of £18.3m and £13.4m EBITDA by FYE2022. The target exit strategy is a strategic trade sale.