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Chic Retreats

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Chic Retreats

About Chic Retreats

Chic Retreats ( do something that is a little different from the others; true specialists, resulting in real partnership.

Claudio Meli, General Manager, JK Place, Florence

The Market

Online Travel Market:

Online travel bookings equate to $818 billion USD per year and 65% search for accommodation on Google.

Boutique Hotels Industry:

Boutique hotels was a $15.8 billion industry in 2016 - independent boutique hotels is growing faster than any other segment in the market place.

The Company

Chic Retreats is a travel lifestyle brand for the discerning traveller, dedicated to uncovering exceptional small independent boutique hotels around the world.

The Team

The highly experienced management team is supported by a strong board of executive and non‐executive directors and advisors with specific experience in software, commerce, digital acquisition, brand building and travel.

The Plan

The company’s strategy is focused on securing direct contracts with 5000 - 10,000 small independent boutique hotels from around the world. Once secured, the company aims to keep these hotels engaged with the platform through multiple services geared for the small independent boutique hotel operator.


  • 5% off booking at when investing £500 up to £9,999
  • 10% off booking at when investing £10,000 and over
  • The largest individual investor in this round will also be rewarded with a 3-day Chic Retreats Experience at La Verriere, South of France, Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur (
  • All rewards valid until 31st December 2019. Terms & Conditions Apply. (Please note - T&C's can be found in 'The Plan & Exit' under business documents)


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£39,300 invested by 13 online investors
£600,000 invested by 2 Professional Investors.

Maven Venture Capital Trusts & Oak Trust