Hive.HR has now ended and was successfully overfunded


Software Business - North East


About Hive.HR

HiveHR Ltd is a highly-scalable, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service business and SEIS/EIS-eligible investment opportunity. Hive helps organisations to improve financial performance, increase productivity, attract and retain talented employees, reduce sickness or absenteeism and improve customer satisfaction by positively impacting employee engagement in a transformational way.

It has been incubated and developed by Visualsoft, a leading North East-based software company and will be the first product to spin out of Visualsoft's Innovation Lab - an incubator department that utilises the company’s talent, ideas and transferable knowledge to ideate, launch and grow new SaaS businesses.

The Market

Organisations and businesses in the UK are being negatively impacted by poor employee engagement levels.

The UK has an employee engagement deficit. There are 32 million employees in the UK and only one third of them say they are engaged­ a figure which leaves the UK ranked ninth for employee engagement levels amongst the world’s twelve largest economies as ranked by GDP (Kenexa 2009). It’s hurting organisations of all shapes and sizes, in lots of different ways. Furthermore, it’s having a negative impact on the UK economy as a whole.

So what's the solution..?


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£83,000 invested by 38 online investors
£215,000 invested by 2 Professional Investors.