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About CoreHaus Modular Housing

Business Overview

As the housing sector continues to face rising demand for new homes, Liverpool based company Fusion21 have teamed up with housing development specialists, Carlton & Co, to create a new housing solution called CoreHaus in response to a growing problem in delivery of new housing.

The CoreHaus modular product is designed to give occupants “super” flexibility in terms of both the way they live and the way in which the home can change/adapt to meet their future needs. For example, a house can start life as a 2 bed home, but an open roof space means that creating a 3rd bedroom and ensuite is simple. The house is also designed to extend easily with the introduction of garden rooms and additional bedrooms. CoreHaus uses modern methods of construction and design intelligently: A standardised core is at the heart of the house, which means that 80% of the house (stairs, W.C, shower room, bathrooms and the heating system, basically the ‘engine room’ of the house) will be manufactured in factory conditions, which means improved quality and speed and the modular core gives us amazing flexibility in terms of what we can achieve with 2/3/4 bedroom homes.

The Problem

Currently, the UK is not building enough homes. This year, around 35,000 new, affordable homes will be built. However, demand is nearer 55,000 and signs show that this will increase to 75,000 by 2020.
A 20,000 unit shortfall - per annum - is a major problem which desperately needs a transformational approach.

“In England, we need to build 250,000 [units] a year just to keep pace with our population. We’re achieving less than half that, with just 112,630 homes built in the year to March 2014.” - Grainia Long, CEO Chartered Institute of Housing.

There are a number of factors which are responsible for this shortfall: build costs continue to rise and there is a serious shortage pf both skills and material. This is a direct result of the crash of 2008, where the UK lost almost a generation of trades. It is important we build more efficiently and effectively. Quality is also a major issue. There needs to be a better way of doing things, which can be achieved through standardisation of modern methods of construction, where sustainable, well-designed and beautifully-built, affordable and aspirational housing can be created.

The Solution

The solution is CoreHaus. Homes are built around a standardised core and footprint, and deliver amazing flexibility, in terms of their external elevational treatments. Houses are designed to fit into an urban, as well as rural, settings.

In terms of internal layouts, one footprint can suit a range of layouts to suit the occupant’s needs. Here’s an example of the type of internal design:

The full, detailed brochure will be available to download once the pitch goes live.
CoreHaus enables faster build, reduced costs, better quality and social value, by creating affordable housing with:

  • Standardised designs, a modular core and panelised shells, all being manufactured off site and assembled locally.
    80% of the difficult build process is handled in the factory, including the bathrooms, W/C (DDA compliant), kitchen and M&E.
  • Part volumetric. Transporting value.
    Part panelised. Efficient transportation.
    The flexibility of CoreHaus means that the product can be developed for affordable rent, private rent, shared ownership and outright sale.
  • The product has been developed, the first schemes are already in the pipeline and we are working with some exciting partners and supply chains to roll out the product launch.

Achievements to Date

CoreHaus product designed and developed
IP trademarked
Copyright on design
Private sites secured under contract
Supply chain in place.


CoreHaus is a joint venture between Carlton & Co. and Fusion21, a housing procurement company based in the North West. Their respective skills, knowledge and networks provide solid routes to market.


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