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Online investment syndication with GrowthFunders

We facilitate investment from a range of equity investors – the crowd, experienced business angels, angel investment networks, early stage VCs and family offices.

What we do

GrowthFunders is an equity crowdfunding and co-investment platform. We work with a range of introducers and trusted partners to identify and list a selection of tax efficient business investment opportunities.

We are keen to support lead business angels, angel networks and other professional investors who are looking to raise match funding to close out funding rounds. Our co-investment structure means that new, online angels can invest in businesses alongside VCs.

Online investment syndication opens up the investment opportunity to a wider investor base and can help close deals quickly and effectively.

How we work

If you have a deal you would like to introduce to our platform, please get in touch and we can agree its terms. We can work with you to list the deal, raise capital and close the funding round quickly.

Who we work with

  • Individual or lead Angels
  • Angel Investment Networks
  • Early Stage VCs
  • Accelerators

Why choose GrowthFunders?

  • Close your funding round quickly
  • Gain early traction
  • Keep control
  • Straightforward legal structure

Want to find out more about online investment syndication, please contact us.