UK investment opportunities

Start Investing

Co-invest in UK businesses with high growth potential

We work with talented entrepreneurs and introducers to nurture businesses which have high growth potential. Our aim is to develop a pipeline of quality UK investment opportunities who are suitable for co-investment and syndication including:

  • Start-ups – generally 0-1 years
  • Early stage companies – usually with 1-2 years trading
  • Established businesses – with 2 years+ trading activity

Online Syndication

We provide institutional investors, experienced angels and smaller investors with a platform that facilitates co-investment and can help to:

  • Increase deal flow – we screen deals and only list high-quality pitches
  • mitigate risk – join with a larger number of investors
  • diversify your investment portfolio – spread investments over sectors and different stages of growth
  • close investment rounds quickly – more investors, more capital

Who can introduce deals?

Deals can be brought forward by lead sponsors, lead angels, angel networks and VCs. Investment opportunities are listed on the GrowthFunders platform to attract match funding from a wider investor base and close out funding rounds quickly.

Legal structure

Our legal structure enables smaller investors to invest via a nominee structure which makes co-investment and follow on investment more straightforward.