Who do we work with?

We work with three core groups/people:

  • Entrepreneurs
    Start-ups, Early Stage & Established businesses
  • Investors
    Crowd Investors, Experienced Investors & Institutional Investors
  • Partners
    such as, Angel Networks, VCs, Accelerator programmes, business incubators, and Corporate Finance firms

Entrepreneurs submit their pitch to us, we review and then list it on the GrowthFunders platform. From there, the campaign has 90 days to reach the funding target.

Investors are able to view investment options which cover a range of sectors (tech, sports, etc) and stages of growth (start up, early stage, established). This is important to ensure that they build a diversified portfolio.

Partners have two options. They can either recommend existing clients, who are looking to raise finance or, they can gain new clients from our platform.

For more details on any of the above groups, please refer to the relevant sections on the website.

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