If I want to use the GrowthFunders platform to raise money, what fees will I be charged?

The cost of using the GrowthFunders platform to ‘pitch’ to our crowd of investors is in two parts but you will only incur these charges if your pitch is SUCCESSFUL – in the event that you do not raise the amount of investment you are seeking, you will pay nothing.

Platform Fee:

A 7.5% fee is made on successful projects. That is to say, if you raise the set amount of investment you have sought, it will cost you 7.5% of that amount. In the event you do not raise the full amount you seek, you will not incur any charges.

Legal Fees:

In order to ensure that you are consistent with all projects on the platform and that investors have peace of mind in the process, projects on our platform need to have certain legal issues covered and for this a £1750 charge is made. This charge is made at the start of the process and is incurred regardless of the success of the activity.