What is the GrowthFunders fee structure for raising capital?

To become a member of GrowthFunders, it is completely free and whats more, it is also free to list your business with us. We operate on a success fee basis which means you’re only charged a fee if you raise all of the capital needed. In the event that you do not raise the amount of investment you are seeking, you pay nothing. Our success-based fees are as follows: Campaign success fee: a 5% fee is charged on successful projects, however if you do not complete your investment, no charges are incurred. Legal fees: In order for investors to have peace of mind in businesses listed on GrowthFunders, projects need to have certain legal issues covered. For this there is a charge of £1750 (inclusive of VAT). This charge is made at the beginning of the process and is incurred regardless of the success of the activity. Investment processing fee: There is also a processing fee of 0.5% for each investment.

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