Post Funding Support

Start Investing

So you have successfully raised equity investment. Now it’s time to implement your growth strategy!

How quickly can you build the business and drive towards a successful exit? What is your growth strategy? Will you need additional rounds of equity funding? Will your business generate revenues quickly? Can you service a loan rather that raise additional equity finance?

Your investors are your partners.

They provided seed funding or later stage business funding for expansion because they want to help you grow your business and they want to see a return on investment. They have invested in your business because they believe in you, your team and your products / services. Now it’s all about putting the funding to work and executing the plan to grow your business.

But things rarely go according to plan.

You will face challenges and big decisions. Having the right team alongside you on this journey will enhance you chances of achieving a successful exit. Experienced Non Execs, mentors and professional advisers are invaluable. They can be the difference between success and failure. Most start-ups fail and many later stage businesses fail to reach their full potential – we believe there is a better way of doing things for both the entrepreneurs and the investors. By providing post-funding support we aim to ensure that you are investment ready and have the best chance of raising seed funding or growth capital for expansion.

Developing your growth strategy.

At funding stage our aim is to make the process of raising seed funding or growth capital quick, straightforward and seamless meaning you can continue to focus on building your business. At post funding stage we work with you to drive the business towards a successful exit. Our objectives are fully aligned with yours and the investors. Working towards a successful exit is the ultimate goal. This is where you are rewarded for all of your hard work and effort and its where the investors receive their rewards for providing you with the seed funding or growth capital to make it all happen.

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