Funding stage support

Start Investing

Raising equity finance is just part of the journey.

Ensuring you are investment ready is the start. Raising the right amount of funding, at the right time and at the right price is the next objective. We see too many businesses that try to raise equity finance in a way that hinders driving the business forward. If you are a start up then you will be focused on developing your products and services, building your team, marketing your business, gaining traction and driving early revenues where possible.

We are advocates of lean start up.

You don’t have to be a tech start up to use this methodology. Any business can take the principles and implement them. We believe the lean start up principles should be adopted across all areas of your business – and that includes raising equity finance. Why? In the past entrepreneurs would spend time and money travelling around the UK pitching to individual business angels, angel networks and early stage VCs. This isn’t a good use of an entrepreneurs time or money.

The GrowthFunders equity crowdfunding and co-investment platform changes everything

We work with you during the funding ┬ástage to ensure you are investment ready. Your pitch is listed on the GrowthFunders platform and can be viewed by a range of investors including a ‘crowd’ of serious investors, experienced business angels, angel networks and early stage VCs. We have developed a standardised legal pack that saves you time and money. More importantly our legal documents have been set up specifically to ensure your business can accept equity finance from a crowd of serious investors together with co-investment and follow on investment directly from experienced business angels, angel networks and VCs.

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