Start Investing

Raising business finance to support growth and expansion

Is my business “established”?

An Established business is one which has been successfully operational for a minimum of two years. The company will be generating revenue and will have a proven and successful business plan. These businesses may be looking to raise finance in order to carry out expansion or exploring new market opportunities.

Who can invest in my business?

We work with forward-thinking businesses to help you raise business finance online from a range of investors including:

  • The crowd
  • Experienced angel investors
  • Angel networks
  • Early stage VCs

Equity crowdfunding and co-investment is the smart way to raise business finance to grow and expand your business.

Why GrowthFunders?

Our end-to-end solution provides you with an effective way of raising business finance quickly and seamlessly.

Simple. Streamlined. Cost effective.

We support your business across three key stages: