Raising business start up funding

Start Investing

Is my business a “start up”?

A start up business is a brand new company which is in the primary stage of operation and 0 – 1 years old. It, most likely, will not yet be generating any revenue and will be looking to raise funding in order to kickstart the business and carry out research or development.

The business start up funding you may be looking to raise at this point would either be seed capital or start up capital. More information on both of these can be found over on the relevant pages, which can be accessed via the sidebar.

Who can invest in my business?

We work with ambitious entrepreneurs to help you secure business start up funding from a range of investors including:

  • The crowd
  • Experienced angel investors
  • Angel networks
  • Early stage VCs

Equity crowdfunding and co-investment is the smart way to raise business start up funding.

Why GrowthFunders?

Our end-to-end solution provides you with the best chance of raising business start up funding quickly and seamlessly.

Simple. Streamlined. Cost effective.

We support your start up across three key stages: