About GrowthFunders

We’re pioneering an online ‘impact investing’ platform that allows you to co-invest alongside professional and specialist institutional investors. We focus on providing you with access to impact driven investments that have the potential to deliver investment profit precisely because there’s real purpose underpinning the opportunity.

Investing together for growth and impact.

GrowthFunders are dedicated to supporting the most attractive, high quality, UK based projects and businesses. Our impact investment opportunities aim to give you access to exciting, pre-vetted projects and growth companies that help drive the UK domestic economy.

We identify opportunities that have significant growth potential, precisely because they’re helping to solve pressing long term challenges. Our approach allows us to look at businesses and projects in a different way and support investment opportunities across a broad range of sectors including, real estate, clean energy and growth SME’s.

Impact Investment Opportunities

We work in partnership with the companies and projects we back, utilising our team’s specialist skills and outstanding network of contacts. We proactively engage with management teams on social and environmental issues, not just to mitigate risks but to identify impact investment opportunities that can create additional value and drive investment growth.

Purpose. Potential. Profit.