We're on a mission to make investing for Growth and Impact exciting, accessible and rewarding.

Whether that means funding technology-led, high-growth businesses that generate jobs in underserved markets, or backing development projects that deliver much-needed low-carbon homes, our investment opportunities always have a common theme...

...the potential to deliver sustainable investment growth and the ability to deliver positive social and environmental impact.

You can invest from as little as £100 through our streamlined, secure online platform and build a diversified portfolio.

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Intelligence Fusion - EIS Eligible

Software Business - North East

Growth and Impact is at the heart of everything we do.

Hand picked impact driven investment opportunities with the potential to deliver better risk adjusted returns.

Sector Focus

Browse and invest in opportunities from three core sectors: real estate, clean energy, and technology.

Portfolio Diversification

Build a diversified portfolio by investing in a range of opportunities with different risk and return profiles.

Syndicated Investments

Invest alongside professional investors and sector-specific institutional funds.

Deal Origination

As well as sourcing high quality deals, we also incubate our own investment opportunities.

Stay Connected

Ask questions and receive progress reports through your online dashboard to stay up-to-date with your investments.

Risk Management

Investment opportunities are pre-vetted to ensure their offerings are clear, fair and transparent.


Invest in debt and equity based investment opportunities that have the potential to deliver better risk adjusted returns.


A simple, straightforward way to raise finance for your business or project from our extensive network of investors.

Co-invest in deals with a real purpose

Investing through our platform means that everyone can get involved. Back projects and businesses which have the potential to deliver superior investment growth.

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May 9

An Introduction To Intelligence Fusion

Intelligence Fusion (IF) is a startup technology business operating in the security and risk management sector and specialising in situational awareness. The co-founders, Michael McCabe and Daniel Harrington, have deep sector knowledge and experience in both the public and private sectors. Beginning their careers in the British Armed Forces, they both specialised in the protection of people and assets in the UK and high risk countries.

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May 5

Q&A with the Founders of Care Messenger®

We spoke to Paul Slaughter (CEO) and Wayne Muter (Creative Solutions Director) about the product, the business and the future of Care Messenger®.

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